Potsherd: Atlas of Roman Pottery

  • The handbook to the collection is published as :
    R. Tomber & J. Dore, The National Roman Fabric Reference Collection. A Handbook (1998)
    Museum of London Archaeology Service, London.
    MOLAS monograph 2. ISBN 1-901992-01-2
  • The text and images are now available online on the website of the Study Group for Roman Pottery and are linked from the Atlas pages on this site.
  • The online was previously hosted at www.molas.org.uk from 2009 to December 2014.
NRFRCName in National Roman Fabric Reference collectionPage [NRFRC]
RPBName in Roman Pottery in BritainPage [RPB]
`Gallo-Belgic' wares
CNG TNCentral Gaulish (Micaceous) Terra Nigra11
CGSFCentral Gaulish fine micaceous wares142-144
CNG TRCentral Gaulish (Micaceous) Terra Rubra12
CGSFCentral Gaulish fine micaceous wares142-144
GAB CBGallia-Belgica Craquelée Bleutée13
GAB REGallia-Belgica Reduced ware14
GAB TN 1Gallia-Belgica (Vesle valley) Terra Nigra 115
TNTerra nigra165-166
GAB TN 2Gallia-Belgica (Eggshell) Terra Nigra 216
TNEGEggshell terra nigra166
GAB TR 1AGallia-Belgica Terra Rubra 1A17
TRTerra rubra165
GAB TR 1BGallia-Belgica Terra Rubra 1B18
TRTerra rubra165
GAB TR 1CGallia-Belgica Terra Rubra 1C19
TRTerra rubra165
GAB TR 2Gallia-Belgica Terra Rubra 220
TRTerra rubra165
GAB TR 3Gallia-Belgica Terra Rubra 321
TRTerra rubra165
NOG WH 1North Gaulish (Gallo-Belgic Pipeclay) White ware 122
NOG WH 2North Gaulish (Gallo-Belgic Powdery) White ware 223
NOG WH 3North Gaulish (Gallo-Belgic Sandy) White ware 324
Imported samian
LYO SALyon, Italian-style sigillata26
ITTSItalian-type (Arretine) sigillata111-112
PIS SAPisa, Italian sigillata27
ITTSItalian-type (Arretine) sigillata111-112
LGF SALa Graufesenque samian28
SGTSSouth Gaulish (La Graufesenque) terra sigillata112
MON SAMontans samian29
MOTSSouth Gaulish (Montans) terra sigillata112-113
LMV SALes Martres-de-Veyre samian30
CGTSCentral Gaulish terra sigillata113
LEZ SA 1Lezoux (1st century) samian31
CGTSCentral Gaulish terra sigillata113
LEZ SA 2Lezoux samian 132
CGTSCentral Gaulish terra sigillata113
ARG SAArgonne samian34
EGTSEast Gaulish terra sigillata113-114
BLW SABlickweiler samian35
EGTSEast Gaulish terra sigillata113-114
CHF SAChémery-Faulquemont samian36
EGTSEast Gaulish terra sigillata113-114
HGB SAHeiligenberg samian37
EGTSEast Gaulish terra sigillata113-114
MAD SALa Madeleine samian38
EGTSEast Gaulish terra sigillata113-114
RHZ SARheinzabern samian39
EGTSEast Gaulish terra sigillata113-114
SIN SASinzig samian40
EGTSEast Gaulish terra sigillata113-114
TRI SATrier samian41
EGTSEast Gaulish terra sigillata113-114
Pompeian Red wares
CAM PR 1Campanian Pompeian Red ware 143
PRW1Pompeian-Red ware fabric 1157-158
CNG PR 3Central Gaulish Pompeian Red ware 344
PRW3Pompeian-Red ware fabric 3158-159
IMP PR 6Imported Pompeian Red ware 645
Imported Fine wares
ARG CCArgonne Colour-coated ware47
ARG RSArgonne Red-slipped ware48
ARGOArgonne ware136-137
BRA MDBraives Mica-dusted ware49
CNG BSCentral Gaulish Black-slipped ware50
CGBLCentral Gaulish black-slipped ware137-138
CNG CC 1Central Gaulish (White) Colour-coated ware 152
CGCCCentral Gaulish colour-coated wares139-140
CNG GL 1Central Gaulish (White) Glazed ware 152
CGGLCentral Gaulish glazed ware140-142
CNG CC 2Central Gaulish (Cream) Colour-coated ware 253
CGCCCentral Gaulish colour-coated wares139-140
CNG GL 2Central Gaulish (Cream) Glazed ware 253
CGGLCentral Gaulish glazed ware140-142
EPO MACéramique à l'éponge Marbled ware56
EPONCéramique à l'éponge144-145
KOL CCCologne Colour-coated ware57
KOLNLower Rhineland (Cologne) colour-coated ware146-148
LOR MALower Rhineland Marbled ware58
MARMGerman marbled wares150-151
LYO CCLyon Colour-coated ware59
LYONLyon ware148-150
MOS BSMoselkeramik Black-slipped ware60
MOSLTrier black-slipped ware ('Moselkeramik')138-139
NAF RSNorth African Red-slipped ware61
NARSNorth African red-slipped ware152-154
NOI EGNorth Italian Eggshell ware63
SOG CCSouth Gaulish Colour-coated ware64
SGCCSouth Gaulish colour-coated ware160
SPA CCSpanish Colour-coated ware65
SPANSpanish colour-coated ware160-161
Imported Coarse wares
AOI WHAoste, Isère White ware67
AOMOAoste mortaria117-118
CNG OXCentral Gaulish (Rhône Valley) Oxidised ware68
RVMORhône valley mortaria130-131
GLG OXGallia Lugdunensis Oxidised ware69
MAY COMayen Coarse ware70
MAYNLate Roman Mayen ware151-152
SPE OXSpeicher Oxidised ware71
ITA WHItalian White ware73
ITMOItalian mortaria121-122
NOG RENorth Gaulish Reduced ware74
NGGWNorth Gaulish grey wares154-155
NOG WH 4North Gaulish White ware 475
NOG WH 5North Gaulish (Amiens) White ware 577
NGGWNorth Gaulish grey wares154-155
RHL WHRhineland White ware78
SOL WHSoller White ware79
SOMOSoller mortaria131-132
SPA WHSpanish? White ware81
ASM AMAsia Minor (Micaceous) amphorae82
B4B4 amphoras102-104
BAT AM 1Baetican (Early) amphorae 184
DR20Dressel 20 amphoras and allied types87-89
H70Haltern 70 amphoras97
DR2-4Dressel 2-4 amphoras90
SALADressel 7-11 'salazon' amphoras98-99
BAT AM 2Baetican (Late) amphorae 285
DR20Dressel 20 amphoras and allied types87-89
BAT AM 3Baetican (Green) amphorae 385
CAD AMCadiz amphorae87
SALADressel 7-11 'salazon' amphoras98-99
CAM AM 1Campanian (Black sand) amphorae 188
DR1Dressel 1 amphoras89-90
DR2-4Dressel 2-4 amphoras90
MRCAMid-Roman Campanian amphoras91-92
CAM AM 2(Northern) Campanian amphorae 289
DR2-4Dressel 2-4 amphoras90
CAT AMCatalan amphorae91
DR2-4Dressel 2-4 amphoras90
PAS1Pascual 1 amphoras92-93
FIS AM 148Fishbourne 148.3 amphorae92
GAL AM 1Gaulish amphorae 193
GAULGauloise flat-based amphoras94-96
GAL AM 2Gaulish amphorae 295
L555London 555 amphoras97-98
GAZ AMGaza amphorae96
ITA AM 1Italian amphorae 197
DR1Dressel 1 amphoras89-90
ITA AM 2Italian? (Feldspathic) amphorae 298
DR2-4Dressel 2-4 amphoras90
LIP AMLiparian amphorae99
R527Richborough 527 amphoras99-101
NOM AMNormandy amphorae100
G12Gauloise 12 amphoras96-97
NAF AM 1North African (Lime-rich) amphorae 1101
NACANorth African cylindrical amphoras104-105
NAF AM 2North African (Lime-poor) amphorae 2102
NACANorth African cylindrical amphoras104-105
PAL AMPalestinian amphorae103
P&W AM 7Peacock & Williams Class 7 amphorae104
P&W AM 9Peacock & Williams Class 9 amphorae105
RHODRhodian (Camulodunum 184) amphoras93-94
P&W AM 12Peacock & Williams Class 12 amphorae106
C189Camulodunum 189 ('carrot') amphoras101
P&W AM 16Peacock & Williams Class 16 amphorae107
SALADressel 7-11 'salazon' amphoras98-99
P&W AM 44Peacock & Williams Class 44 amphorae108
P&W AM 47Peacock & Williams Class 47 amphorae109
HOFAKapitän II ('Hollow foot') amphoras101-102
P&W AM 50Peacock & Williams Class 50 amphorae110
P&W AM 66Peacock & Williams No 66 amphorae111
RHO AM 1Rhodian (Pink) amphorae 1112
RHODRhodian (Camulodunum 184) amphoras93-94
RHO AM 2Rhodian (Yellow) amphorae 1113
RHODRhodian (Camulodunum 184) amphoras93-94
Romano-British wares
HAR SHHarrold Shelly ware115
HOR REHorningsea Reduced ware116
LNV CCLower Nene Valley (White or Oxidised) Colour-coated ware118
NVCCNene Valley colour-coated wares173-175
LNV PALower Nene Valley Parchment ware118
LNV WHLower Nene Valley White ware119
NVMONene Valley mortaria127-129
UNV WHUpper Nene Valley White ware120
WIL OXWilderspool Oxidised ware122
WIL RSWilderspool Red-slipped ware122
WPMOWilderspool mortaria134-135
WIL WSWilderspool White-slipped ware123
WPMOWilderspool mortaria134-135
CSA WSCarlisle/Scalesceugh Area White-slipped ware124
DER CODerbyshire Coarse ware125
DERBYDerbyshire ware190-191
SOD RESouth Devon (Micaceous) Reduced ware126
SDBBSouth Devon burnished ware196-197
DOR BB 1(South-East) Dorset Black-burnished ware 1127
BB1Black-burnished 1182-186
SHM RSShepton Mallet Red-slipped ware128
SOW BB 1South-West Black-burnished ware 1129
EAA REEast Anglian Reduced ware130
COL BB 2Colchester Black-burnished ware 2131
BB2Black-burnished 2182
COL CC 1Colchester (Early) Colour-coated ware 1132
COL CC 2Colchester (Late) Colour-coated ware 1132
COLCColchester colour-coated wares167-168
COL SAColchester samian133
COTSColchester terra sigillata114-116
COL WHColchester White ware133
COMOColchester mortaria119-120
MUC BB 2Mucking Black-burnished ware 2135
BB2Black-burnished 2182
HGW RE CHighgate Wood C Reduced ware136
LON FRLondon Fine Reduced ware137
LONDThe 'London ware' style170-171
ALH REAlice Holt Reduced ware138
AHGWAlice Holt/Farnham grey wares180-182
HAM GTHampshire Grog-tempered ware139
LRGRLate Roman grog-tempered wares191-192
HAM WHHampshire White ware140
NFO CCNew Forest (Metallic) Colour-coated ware141
NFCCNew Forest slipped wares171-173
NFO PANew Forest (Coarse) Parchment ware142
NFMONew Forest mortaria125
NFO RS 1New Forest (Coarse) Red-slipped ware 1142
NFCCNew Forest slipped wares171-173
NFO WH 1New Forest (Coarse) White ware 1142
NFMONew Forest mortaria125
NFO RS 2New Forest (Fine) Red-slipped ware 2144
NFCCNew Forest slipped wares171-173
NFO WH 2New Forest (Fine) White ware 2144
NFMONew Forest mortaria125
OVW WHOverwey White ware146
PORDPortchester fabric D ware194-195
MAL RE AMalvernian Group A Reduced ware147
SVW OX 1(Malvernian) Severn Valley Oxidised ware 1148
SVWSevern Valley wares197-199
SVW OX 2(Unsourced) Severn Valley Oxidised ware 2149
SVWSevern Valley wares197-199
HAD OXHadham Oxidised ware151
HARSHadham red-slipped wares168-169
HAD RE 1Hadham Reduced ware 1152
HAD RE 2Hadham (Burnished) Reduced ware 2153
VER WHVerulamium Region White ware154
VRMOVerulamium-region mortaria132-134
VRWVerulamium-region white ware199-201
BOG SHBourne-Greetham Shelly ware156
DAL SHDales Shelly ware157
DALESDales ware and Dales-type ware190
HSM REHolme-on-Spalding Moor Reduced ware158
LMR FRLincoln Market Rasen Fine Reduced ware159
LTC WHLincoln Technical College White ware160
LIMOLincolnshire mortaria122-123
SOC CCSouth Carlton Colour-coated ware161
SOC WHSouth Carlton White ware162
SWN CCSwanpool Colour-coated ware163
SWN WSSwanpool White-slipped ware164
CLI BB 2Cliffe Black-burnished ware 2165
BB2Black-burnished 2182
COO BB 2Cooling Black-burnished ware 2166
BB2Black-burnished 2182
PAT GTPatchgrove Grog-tempered ware167
UPC FRUpchurch Fine Reduced ware168
GRC CCGreat Casterton Colour-coated ware169
BRM WHBrampton White ware170
NAR OXNar Valley Oxidised ware171
COR WHCorbridge White ware172
CBMOCorbridge mortaria118-119
OXF FROxford Fine Reduced ware173
LONDThe 'London ware' style170-171
OXF PAOxford Parchment ware174
OXF WHOxford White ware174
OXMOOxfordshire white-ware mortaria129
OXF RSOxford Red-slipped ware176
OXRSOxfordshire red/brown-slipped wares175-178
OXF WSOxford White-slipped ware176
WRX OXWroxeter Oxidised ware178
WRX RSWroxeter Red-slipped ware179
WRX WHWroxeter White ware179
WRX WSWroxeter White-slipped ware180
PAK CCPakenham Colour-coated ware182
PAK MDPakenham Mica-dusted ware183
PAK WSPakenham White-slipped ware183
WAT REWattisfield Reduced ware184
WES FRWest Stow Fine Reduced ware185
LONDThe 'London ware' style170-171
PUL SAPulborough samian186
WIG WHWiggonholt White ware187
MAH PAMancetter-Hartshill Parchment ware188
MAH WHMancetter-Hartshill White ware189
MHMOMancetter-Hartshill mortaria123-124
MAH WSMancetter-Hartshill White-slipped ware190
SAV GTSavernake Grog-tempered ware191
SAVGSavernake-type grey wares195-196
SOW WSSouth-West White-slipped ware192
ALD WHAldborough White ware193
CAN WSCantley White-slipped ware194
CTR WSCatterick Vicinity White-slipped ware195
CRA PACrambeck Parchment ware196
CRAMCrambeck wares188-189
CRA RECrambeck Reduced ware197
CRAMCrambeck wares188-189
CRA WHCrambeck White ware198
CRAMCrambeck wares188-189
EBO OXEboracum Oxidised ware199
EBO WSEboracum White-slipped ware200
HUN CGHuntcliff Calcite-gritted ware201
ROS BB 1Rossington Bridge Black-burnished ware 1202
RBBB1Rossington Bridge Black-burnished ware186
ROS FRRossington Bridge Fine Reduced ware203
CAR CCCaerleon Colour-coated ware204
CAR OXCaerleon Oxidised ware205
CAR RSCaerleon Red-slipped ware205
CAR WSCaerleon White-slipped ware206
HOL OXHolt Oxidised ware207
HOL WSHolt White-slipped ware208
SWA RESouth Wales Reduced ware209
PNK GTPink Grog-tempered ware210
ROB MDRomano-British Mica-dusted ware211
ROB SH(Late) Romano-British Shelly ware212
LRSHSouth Midlands shell-tempered wares192-193
SOB GLSouthern British Glazed ware213
SEGLSouth-east England glazed ware178-179
SOB GTSouthern British (`Belgic') Grog-tempered ware214
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